Tea Trends To Look Out For In 2022 - Expert Shares

The last decade has been historically transforming for industries functioning across sectors. From the rampant technological advancements and adoption to the volatile pandemic - the trends and operations of industries have undergone frequent and drastic fluctuations in these times. In this scenario, the tea industry has not been left untouched by the changing dynamics of the industrial landscape. The dominant trends of the tea market are changing and improving to thrive in the present-day scenario. As we enter the new year of 2022, one has to speculate on the different trends that are expected to dictate this industry.  

Tea has evolved from being a simple grocery item in today's day. Now, it has become a thing of sophisticated consumption. What this essentially translates into, for the market, is that people are now looking for suaver and more refined options. Different brewing methods and accessories are now being sought to add extra flavor and elegance to regular tea. Owing to this trend, sales of infusers and strainers are projected to rise. High-quality tea bags will also be in an expected high demand across 2022 and the upcoming years.  

As established, tea is no longer restricted to casual consumption. It has become fancier. Thus, the demand for branded labels selling tea in well-put, fancy packaging is ascending. Tea dealers are now putting more effort into branding their products and services. They have also taken steps to make their tea products available online in an attempt to streamline and smoothen the tea buying process.  


A trend of adding value to tea bags and other products of widespread and regular consumption by making them easier to use and high quality etc. is also progressing.

Thanks to the pandemic, people have become very cautious of fitness and hygiene. This has spelled out a demand for healthy and organic teas. The health inclination has also contributed to enhancing the need for proper and sanitized packaging that attracts consumers in these testing COVID dictated times.  

Another trend in customer preferences as being observed in the tea market nowadays is that of customization. Customer tastes have become very specific in the present times, and thus, they are frequently getting their tea flavors customized as per their needs and preferences. Hence, tea customization is one trend that will gain further prominence in 2022