Tea Board proposes to replace old Act for benefit of industry

The Tea board has stated that after 68 years some of the existing provisions of Tea Act 1953 has become redundant and there is a proposal to bring a new act in which Tea board will act as facilitator for the benefit of the industry.

In public notice, Tea Board stated that the proposed act, inter-alia proposes to delete those archaic provision which has become irrelevant in today’s context and introduce new objectives/functions/power of the board so that the board can act as facilitator for optimising the development, promotion and research in tea industry and help in improving production, export and quality of India tea. Tea Board has sought suggestions and views from the public.

A new bill tea (promotion and development) bill 2022 will be introduced in the parliament.

Small tea growers have been seeking large role and in recent interactions several tea planters have suggested change in the rules as several of them have outlived its utility.

Tea planters are pointing that the organised tea industry has been facing the issues of increasing costs and stagnant selling prices, leading to shrinkage of margins, and pushing many estates towards economic unsustainability, across India.