TEA Issues New Guidance For COVID Quarantine Protocols

With new quarantine and isolation guidance issued by the CDC in recent weeks, Texas schools districts have been waiting to hear from the TEA on updated policies. On Friday, the TEA released a new document with new protocols for COVID cases. Basically, requirements for students with COVID remain as they were with 10 days of quarantine following onset of symptoms, while quarantine protocols for staff have changed.

First, they start with how they were given the authority to issue guidance via Governor Abbott’s Executive Order GA-38.

EO GA-38 provides TEA with the legal authority to publish requirements for the operation of public school systems during the COVID-19 pandemic. The guidance issued January 7, 2022 takes effect immediately, replacing all prior guidance.

However, they also state a disclaimer of sorts: “TEA recommends that public school systems consult with their local public health authorities and local legal counsel before making final decisions regarding the implementation of this guidance.

This guidance is subject to change as new information becomes available.”