Scientists Reveal The 'Right Way' To Pour Tea, Avoid Spillage

Who doesn’t enjoy a cup of tea? It’s cold outside, so make yourself a cup of hot tea and simply brighten up your day. We put the tea on the gas stove and then filter it with a sieve once we are done boiling it. But did you know that the way you filter your tea has a big impact on how it tastes?

Yes, the speed with which you pour the tea from the kettle into the cup has a significant impact on its flavour. And we bet you didn’t know that there was a scientific way to pour tea.

After the scientific method of pouring tea was introduced, many realised that they had been filtering tea incorrectly all their lives.

Usually, tea begins to fall from the edge when it is filtered incorrectly. However, scientists have now revealed the proper method to do it. With this, when you will pour tea from the kettle into the cup, not a single drop of tea will fall. Here, a right angle works well.